The Solution

Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) Disinfecting Lighting Solutions.

The Opportunity

Effectively Kill Pathogens

Disinfection Lighting operates at specified wavelengths to inactivate harmful pathogens and viruses.

Disinfect On-Demand

The ability to disinfect any room of any size, whenever needed.

Trust your Sources

Cooper Lighting are lighting industry veterans with 20+ years of UVC expertise.

The Solution

Trellix and Locate RTLS System (Real-Time Location)

The Opportunity

Keep Individuals Safe

Real-time location data provides exact location information, to ensure the protection of students & faculty members in emergency situations.

Monitor School Visitors

Generates trackable tags for school visitors to wear.

Secure Assets & Environment

Ensures valuable equipment will not leave school property without authorization.

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