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ID+ 2” Cylinders by Focal Point

Designed to provide a companion to the ID+ downlight family with matching light sources and a sophisticated aesthetic. Focal Point’s ID+ Cylinder is now available in a sleek 2” profile. Learn more about ID+ 2” Cylinders HERE.

Integer Lights: Architectural Point Source Solutions

Integer Lights is the new brand of Rayon Lighting that is dedicated to point source LED architectural luminaires. Integer Lights offers performance & functionality while adhering to the highest engineering standards, including enhanced optical design, thermal management, and consideration of other enhancing features. Learn more about Integer Lights HERE.

BuzziPleat Light by BuzziSpace

BuzziPleat Light’s sculptural form provides both innovative and exceptional sound-absorbing abilities. With the addition of an LED lighting element, the acoustic solution is the perfect marriage of functional lighting and sound control. Learn more about BuzziPleat Light HERE.

Huntington Surface T-Grid by Extant

Innovative Microstructure EdgeTech OpticsTM delivers unparalleled optic control and exceptional performance with seamless illumination and uniformity. Specify Batwing, Glare Control, Diffused (Lambertian), or Wall Wash Optics. MEOTM allows for minimalistic Aperture fixtures with extremely low-profile Depths: 1.38” Remote Driver – 3.40” Integral Driver. Learn more about Huntington Surface T-Grid HERE.

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