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The Naturals by Focal Point

Transform indoor spaces with The Naturals by Focal Point. This collection of finishes is offered for several acoustic solutions and architectural luminaires. The coordinated collection is rendered on PET felt and luminaire housings, imparting natural fabric and wood looks to linear baffles and luminaires, acoustic ceiling tiles, acoustic and lit pendants, downlights, and cylinders. In…

FLC210 LED Gobo Projector by We-ef

The FLC210 LED Gobo Projector highlights façades without fixing luminaires directly to the building, all while complying with the Dark-Sky initiative. This projector can project glare-free framed spots, zoom spots, or images (gobos). This system places light precisely Learn more about the FLC210 LED Gobo Projector HERE.

WaveLinx CAT by Cooper Lighting Solutions

Introducing WaveLinx CAT by Cooper Lighting Solutions. These CAT5e cable-based digital wired lighting devices offer unparalleled control, flexibility, and scalability. WaveLinx can now be offered as a wired and wireless hybrid system, with both WaveLinx PRO and WaveLinx CAT devices connecting to the WaveLinx Area Controller. Too, WaveLinx CAT systems are simple to design and…

Echo Blade by SPI Lighting

Echo Blade is the slimmest, most discreet high output asymmetric lighting tool on the market. It combines high output density with outstanding quality in a sleek, new architectural form that performs as great as it looks. With a profile as slim as 1.5”, SPI Lighting’s Echo Blade can deliver from 12,000 to 36,000 lumens. Available…

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