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Introducing the MICRO 5 Series by Q-Tran

Introducing the MICRO 5 Series, Q-Tran’s smallest line of linear fixtures. The MICRO 5 finished fixtures perform with equivalent efficacy at approximately one third of the size of the standard fixtures, making them ideal for a variety of applications where space is limited. Learn more about the MICRO 5 Series HERE.

Introducing Dolomite by Prandina

Introducing the Dolomite wall mount series by Prandina Lighting! This beautiful, Italian made fixture is available for interior and exterior applications with a bi-directional light source. Dolomite is incredibly versatile and can be installed individually or in clusters. Learn more about DOLOMITE by Prandina HERE.

Introducing the Eave Family by Focal Point

With its simple form factor accentuated by a gentle slope that creates a wider bottom lens opening, Eave is a versatile and comfortable decorative acoustic pendant that will complement a variety of interiors. Learn more about the Eave Family by Focal Point HERE.

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