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SCI Now Represents Graypants!

Graypants is a team of problem solvers. Anchored in Seattle and Amsterdam, Graypants’ bold creativity leads to diverse designs in products, architecture, and other beautiful objects around the world. Their work expands globally with collaborations and custom designs for leading companies worldwide. Learn more about Graypants HERE.

Minimalist by Lightheaded

Lightheaded’s Minimalist range of low glare, micro downlights combine miniaturized luminaires with superior performance in an incredibly small, sleek package. Glare is kept extremely low by recessing the LED 1″ deep. Minimalist is available in a recessed, pendant, and surface mount version, and in 3, 5, 10 & 15 lamp configurations. Learn more about Lightheaded’s…

Acoustic Static Links by LightArt

Adaptable to any space, Acoustic Static Links are a modular acoustical lighting system that provide countless solutions. The new Static Links series incorporates a unique hub attachment that allows for modular fabrication, which so far has been absent in the market. This new construction unlocks more design possibilities and better acoustic performance. Learn more about…

SCI Now Represents Slalom!

Open spaces and modern spatial organization models often favor architectural indoor distribution and flexibility at the expense of acoustic comfort and privacy. Sound-absorbing Slalom products keep the flexibility of open spaces, while guaranteeing acoustic comfort within the space. Slalom’s mission is to create sustainable products in compliance with the surrounding environment and human health. Slalom…

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