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Cruze SB Selectable Troffer by Cooper Lighting Solutions

The Cruze™ SB LED Selectable series combines contemporary styling and optimal illumination design with features to enable service from below (SB). This high-performance LED troffer is constructed with Cooper’s latest technology platform and delivers unprecedented energy savings and aesthetics at an incredible value. Learn more about the Cruze™ SB LED Selectable Series HERE.

Seem® 1 Shapes by Focal Point

The Seem 1 Family welcomes two statement-making luminaires: Seem 1 Trio & Seem 1 Quartet. Available in two diameters of 4′ and 6′; suspended, surface, and recessed mounting options enable the creation of patterns or artful clusters in addition to stand-alone luminaires. Standard configurations include Lambertian and batwing lensed optics, with stylized lit end caps,…

Linealuce 27 by iGuzzini

True to its name, Linealuce 27 measures just 27mm (1 1/8 inch) wide, embodying iGuzzini’s commitment to miniaturization without compromising on power or versatility. With 12 optic choices and up to 105 lm/ft, Linealuce 27 ensures optimal customization and lighting quality. Categories include Symmetric, Grazer, and Elliptical, with spot Grazer capable of reaching up to…

SCI Now Represents Mullan Lighting

SCI is excited to announce that we now represent Mullan Lighting in the Southern California market! Mullan Lighting brings beauty indoors and out with its high-quality decorative fixtures. Choose from a variety of options, including surface-mounted, suspended, vanity lighting, and more. Embracing recycled materials, solar energy, and going paperless, Mullan Lighting’s commitment to the environment…

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