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Handra Handrail Luminaire by Heper

HEPER’s HANDRA handrail lighting family, can be integrated within new or existing handrails. Brilliantly engineered, it can easily be integrated into standard handrails without requiring any special tools and its smart connection system makes electrical connection a breeze for the installers on the job site. Being equipped with a reflector based and highly advanced optical…

Seem 1 Louver by Focal Point

Discover Seem® 1 Louver with ID+ technology, a new linear luminaire that combines louver cells, lensed illumination, and solid faceplates to enable the specification of unique suspended, surface mount, or recessed luminaires. Learn more about Seem 1 Louver HERE.

Novato Lines + Arcs by SPI Lighting

Introducing Novato Lines + Arcs by SPI Lighting! These architectural building blocks are fundamental design tools that enable endless expression of your lighting ideas to meet specific customer requirements. Learn more about Novato Lines + Arcs HERE.

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