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Novato Lines + Arcs by SPI Lighting

Introducing Novato Lines + Arcs by SPI Lighting! These architectural building blocks are fundamental design tools that enable endless expression of your lighting ideas to meet specific customer requirements. Learn more about Novato Lines + Arcs HERE.

Introducing the MICRO 5 Series by Q-Tran

Introducing the MICRO 5 Series, Q-Tran’s smallest line of linear fixtures. The MICRO 5 finished fixtures perform with equivalent efficacy at approximately one third of the size of the standard fixtures, making them ideal for a variety of applications where space is limited. Learn more about the MICRO 5 Series HERE.

Introducing Dolomite by Prandina

Introducing the Dolomite wall mount series by Prandina Lighting! This beautiful, Italian made fixture is available for interior and exterior applications with a bi-directional light source. Dolomite is incredibly versatile and can be installed individually or in clusters. Learn more about DOLOMITE by Prandina HERE.

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