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Ginger Collection by Prandina

The Ginger Collection is made of unexpected details that diffuse light perfectly. Ginger is a unique collection that lends itself to multiple customizations, which makes it ideal for a wide array of projects, including residential and hospitality. Learn more about the Ginger Collection HERE.

Morae Linear Pendant by WAC Lighting

Introducing the Morae Linear Pendent by WAC Lighting. This eye-catching pendant has a sleek and slinky metal body with a complementary silicone diffuser. The Morae Linear Pendant is perfect for illuminating islands, counters and bars. Learn more about Morae Linear Pendent HERE.

CoviO Graze by Cooper Lighting Solutions

The iO CoviO Graze adds optical control to the CoviO linear accent platform for specification grade architectural wall grazing and wall washing. Building on the linear accent legacy of the iO brand, the CoviO Graze is the newest design tool for lighting designers and architects looking to make an impact with their projects. Learn more…

Seem 1 Acoustic Direct by Focal Point

Make an exceptional aesthetic statement and achieve desired reverberation levels in conference rooms, offices, reception areas and other open commercial spaces. Acoustic housing is available in a wide color palette, and is made of 100% polyester containing up to 50% of recycled plastic bottles (PET). Seem 1 Acoustic is also available in direct/indirect and indirect. Learn…

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