Ephesus has revolutionized sports and industrial lighting through high-efficiency LED technology that has produced more and better quality light than all other LED and conventional alternatives. What’s even more incredible, is that an Ephesus LED system costs less to install, run, and maintain than any other light on the market. Ephesus not only offers LED sports lighting solutions that outshine all others, but they produce LED industrial lighting solutions that outdo all others.

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Stadium Pro

Outdoor stadiums, baseball, soccer, or field hockey fields, domes, air-supported structures, tennis courts, and others

All Field Series

Outdoor football, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, or field hockey fields, municipal/parks and recreation fields, tracks, tennis courts, and others

Arena Pro Series

Multi-purpose venues; arenas who host both hockey and basketball

Prism Series

Hockey & basketball arenas, pools, tracks, air-supported structures, multi event centers

Prism Series – Alternative Finish